Tee Ball Ages 3, 4 & 5U

UpdatedTuesday January 10, 2017 bySupper Optimist.

Tee Ball is an entry level Baseball and Softball program. This league is designed to provide your child with the basic premise of the sport. No score is kept in Wee Ball and all players are in the field when on defense and all players will bat each inning. Games are typically 1 hour and will be played on Saturday at Blair Park. Coaches will usually have one hour long practice during the week. Typically 530pm to 630pm. Coaches are responsible for times and dates, so exact information will not be posted until teams are formed and Coaches are named. Supper Optimist Officials do not involve themselves in the day to day activities of Team Schedules and will be unable to answer specific questions. This will be the responsibility of the Coaching Staff. Uniforms are provided. 


  • Must turn 4 years old prior to May 1st.
  • Cannot turn 6 prior to May 1st. 


  • Baseball Cleats
  • Glove
  • Batting Helmet and Bat are optional but is recommended. They are provided for kids who do not have this.

Helpful Article concerning Tee Ball Equipment http://hubpages.com/sports/Essential-T-Ball-Equipment-for-Beginners